I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

Shaff-story..is a tale..a taste of me~shaff

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

missing home=(

This is just a short note..
about me missing home.
i miss home.
home miss me?
why me not at home although its a week hols?
me need to do assignment.
me need to study for test.
me need to prepare for presentation.
Me.Is.Hate.School.Now!! huh!
owh yeah, one more reason is,
me can't buy flight's ticket coz its too expensive.
(Rm300 for one way. baik aku beli ticket pegi London tengok London bridge!!...*sarcastic)
me is hate the airbus!! huh!
me need private plane like right now!

p/s:forgive the bad grammar.me is not in 'perfect english' mood.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Random memoires#11

I love to write.
be it a short notes, quotes, random scribbles or poetry..
writing gives me a little something to think about.
it gave me ideas, dreams and hope.
most importantly writing reduced my stress level!
This blog is a place for me to randomly write on.
i love it how everything can be expressed through words.
words can be a da'wah, can be a cure, can be anything you want it to be.
everyone have it but not all know how to use it.
Expresses how you feel today,
write on,
write something.
it helped.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random memoires#10

I kind of live with this mantra all out,
because i'm not that lucky person who always succeed in their first try in everything.
I failed in almost everything.
I just never give up.
so, dear everyone..
let's strive together.
whisper to yourself,
I'll Never Give Up!
Life's hard. I know.
But to not living is harder.
so, lets just keep living.
Breath in, breath out everyone.
still breathing?
 that's means you still living.
that's means you have no choice but to never give up!!


Random memoires#9

This is lightning. And it come in full set with thunder.
thunder caused by lightning as a result of clashes of the electrons in the air.
Yeah, I know you knew it.
Do you like it?
Well, I don't.
I'm not a fan of this kind of lightning although it's happened all the time in this country.
I'll get anxious whenever I sense the dark cloud and heavy rain.
When i was little i always forced myself to sleep whenever this kind of weather came just for the sake of not seeing it and not hearing it.
And since then, I covered my ears when sleeping just in case. Haha.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Doa untuk Baba..


This post is for my dearest girl, Shueda..

Since saya merantau jauh dari rumah just for the sake of study and seeking knowledge,
I seldom went back to my hometown..unless ada cuti panjang and for sure cuti during weekend never give me the opportunity to go back home no matter how much i missed my family.

One of the place yang saya selalu stayed at during weekend is at Shuda's house. Since kitaorg foundations lagi saya selalu ikut dia balik rumah. I'm practically her family's adopted daughter. I'm getting attached to her family as if they're mine..staying at her house all these years make me feel that her life is also a part of  my life..i've known her Baba, i've known her Mama, i've known her brothers, cousins and aunts...

Early this year, Baba had passed away...leaving all of us in this world. His absence gave a great impact to all of us. Baba was a great man, and a great daddy to Shuda and family. I've seen it with my own eyes how much he loved them and how much they love him.

Sepanjang saya menjadi tetamu tetap kat rumah Shuda, Baba always welcomed me with a warm smile, always brought us to good places to eat and always shared with us his life experiences for us to learn from...and today is Baba's birthday but Baba is no longer around. And one thing i wish I've done is thank him big enough for all the kindness i've received all these years. Thank you so so much for everything.

Dearest shuda, i will always pray for you...for you to be strong and for you to live your life with nothing but happiness. Baba may not be around any longer..but he was once here and had gave you many pretty memories. Treasure those memories and at the same time create new memories for your life today and everyday that will come. I'll always stand beside you whenever you need me.

p/s: Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Baba. semoga rohnya akan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman..ameen.

lots of love,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random memoires#8

I always set my alarm to 5 am but i end up hitting the snooze button and even dismissed it everytime.
I really want to wake up early and become a morning person.
I wonder if anyone can help me find a reason to really walking up at 5 and happily working on anything during that hour.
~purpose..please come..


Random memoires#7

I love to write. 
And by writing i expressed myself better.
I wish, one day my poem and my writing can be read by everyone all over the world and the name will be 
'the living poet shaffyshaff' or should i use 'Shaff Suhaimi'..ermm i'll think about that later!
But i totally am a writer and will have my own book.
I want to be the next Shakespere.
Who can say no to Shakespere right??


Random memoires#6

I wish i can wake up every morning looking at this kind of view.
I'm sure i will not sleep for another round after subuh.
But to get that seems like i have to build a home at a deserted island.
So not going to happen!!
I'm satisfied with just the view of greenery and beautiful garden then.

Rise and Shine!!


Random memoires#5

I'll make sure my home comes with mini library that is sooo cozy you will feel guilty if you're not reading there.
we will read together and play together in that cozy little corner.
It's a good time to have each others company after a long day at work.
Don't you think so??


Random memoires#4

I'll make sure my family had a proper breakfast before they left for work or school.
If i'm too busy I will at least prepare for them a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.
And a bento for kids is fun too whenever i have extra time in hand.


Random memoires#3

I want an eternity ring with both our name carved on it.
Can you do it that much for me??


Random memoires#2

Never do this kind of trick/surprises to me because i never really finish up my drink to the bottom of the cup..=p


Random memoires#1

This make up is in the list for the wedding..or maybe the engagement..Is it too much if its for the
I totally love that red lippy.
It will totally become the highlight of the day.
It was nice but wonder if i can pull off that kind of look??


Friday, April 19, 2013

Bonding moment..


seperti yang telah sedia maklum...me is not alone. me comes with three other girls! equals to four ladies in the town bebeh!!
you'll never spotted us alone..itu pasti...well dulu la..time sama-sama study. time sama-sama muda remaja.
And sekarang bila dah abes study..semua gone to our separate ways..masing-masing dah kerja..and for sure tempat kerja sememangnya tak sama..dan yang masih belum kerja ni pun semestinya tidak akan berada di tempat kerja yang sama juga..tak macam dulu, celik-celik mata je dapat tengok muka masing-masing, sekarang ni semua dah jauh..and kalau nak jumpa kena check schedule masing-masing and plan a week before in advance for a date..

Bila dah lama tak jumpa..sgt2 missed moment happy together dulu...and sebab tu ktaorg decide nak meet up and have an awesome date together and the date comes with sleepover at shuda's house!!

last week plan tu berjaya dilaksanakan..horeyyy!!!
tapi one of us (wahida) yang juga masih belum bekerja tak dapat join sebab tuntutan assingment..huhu

Dua gadis yang dah bekerja tu (shuda and Azz) dtg jemput saya yang masih belum bekerja ni kat hostel..and sungguh excited berselca dalam kereta time2 traffic light merah sambil mulut masing2 tak stop talking and gossiping..update story la katakan..

then masing-masing lapar so decide nak makan meatball @ikea..tapi bila melihat insan lapar sungguh ramai kt ikea ktaorg tak jadi lah nak join sekaki. tapi dlm lapar2 tu sempat jugak la camwhore kt ikea..

lapar tetap lapar so decide lunch at vivo@thecurve!
sungguh lazat dan mengenyangkan insan2 kelaparan ini..

 after that jalan2 kt street market and TheCurve..

sambil jalan gossiping lagi..talking lagi...pastu shuda mengidam nak makan paddington pancake..moh ke paddington house of pancake ler kiter..high-tea!!! #melovedesserts
mmg baek punye ktaorg makan manisan malam2..

Bila malam dah meninggi, kaki masih gatal nak berjalan..so decide nak jejak i-city pulak..

lama giler ktaorg maen kat art trick museum..serious gempak!!

bila malam dah semakin tak muda...kena la kembali ke dasar..off to sleep at shuda's..and sgt best dapat sleepover sama2..time tu sgt berharap wahida dpt join..kalau sorg takder xcukup la korum...bintang pun tak lengkap tau...see!! we missed wahid!!!

Esok paginye tiba-tiba text msg masuk..and guess what?? wahida text ckp dia nak join lunch sama2..dia nak turun Subang semata nak jumpa ktaorang....aaaawww soo sweetttt..see! we never alone...kan dah cakap..tak mungkin tertinggalnye sorang...and bila datang pulak cik wahida ni...mulut semua start balik gossiping and talking all the way..semua cerita harus direwind and direpeat untuk bg update kat wahida pulak..

for lunch that day kitaorang decide nak makan makanan asian pulak...so moh ke Siam @subangparade yg menyajikan thai food!

and makanan kat sini sangat best!!! serious tak tipu punye!! (maap tak sempat nak snap gambar semua makanan sbb semua mengalami simptom 'too hungry to hold and snap picture'...
lunch that day sangat bahagia.

after lunch sempat bawak wahida pulak jalan-jalan..sunway piramid..and space U8..

that night shuda hantar kitaorg balik hostel..huhu sedey esok dah start kelas and those two kena pegi kerja..and tak tau bila lagi boley jumpa..yang pasti this is not the ending of us!!

good food.good day.with good people.created good story and happy memory.

That's what we called our bonding moment! XOXO

p/s: saya sangat bahagia dengan mereka. semoga this friendship will last for eternally..ameen.

lots of love,