I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

Shaff-story..is a tale..a taste of me~shaff

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random memoires#7

I love to write. 
And by writing i expressed myself better.
I wish, one day my poem and my writing can be read by everyone all over the world and the name will be 
'the living poet shaffyshaff' or should i use 'Shaff Suhaimi'..ermm i'll think about that later!
But i totally am a writer and will have my own book.
I want to be the next Shakespere.
Who can say no to Shakespere right??


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