I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

Shaff-story..is a tale..a taste of me~shaff

Monday, April 22, 2013

Doa untuk Baba..


This post is for my dearest girl, Shueda..

Since saya merantau jauh dari rumah just for the sake of study and seeking knowledge,
I seldom went back to my hometown..unless ada cuti panjang and for sure cuti during weekend never give me the opportunity to go back home no matter how much i missed my family.

One of the place yang saya selalu stayed at during weekend is at Shuda's house. Since kitaorg foundations lagi saya selalu ikut dia balik rumah. I'm practically her family's adopted daughter. I'm getting attached to her family as if they're mine..staying at her house all these years make me feel that her life is also a part of  my life..i've known her Baba, i've known her Mama, i've known her brothers, cousins and aunts...

Early this year, Baba had passed away...leaving all of us in this world. His absence gave a great impact to all of us. Baba was a great man, and a great daddy to Shuda and family. I've seen it with my own eyes how much he loved them and how much they love him.

Sepanjang saya menjadi tetamu tetap kat rumah Shuda, Baba always welcomed me with a warm smile, always brought us to good places to eat and always shared with us his life experiences for us to learn from...and today is Baba's birthday but Baba is no longer around. And one thing i wish I've done is thank him big enough for all the kindness i've received all these years. Thank you so so much for everything.

Dearest shuda, i will always pray for you...for you to be strong and for you to live your life with nothing but happiness. Baba may not be around any longer..but he was once here and had gave you many pretty memories. Treasure those memories and at the same time create new memories for your life today and everyday that will come. I'll always stand beside you whenever you need me.

p/s: Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Baba. semoga rohnya akan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman..ameen.

lots of love,

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