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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They may have money but they need friends

Being a lawyer is not all about winning the case but keeping your client happy is one of the basic duty.

I went out for a luncheon with the clients aka the vips that have million of assets in their hands but one thing I saw what they really need is someone to talk to and keep them company. They may have money but what they really need is some friends. A nice friends where they can rely on and not just be there because of the money.

It was a nice luncheon at the Royale Chulan hotel ( the ordinary me wouldn't have lunch there just for fun!) the lunch buffet there cost me my entire week's lunch expenses.

We talked the entire journey to the hotel and talk some more on our journey back. It was so funny how they can change the subject from discussing seriously on the missing flight of MH370 to how it was hard to find a banana nowadays. And then they were talking so seriously on their theory of how the plane can be hijacked and suddenly stop talking and change the subject to how beautiful the bougainvillea is. Then they talk about how they think their private driver had cheated on them on the fuel expenses to suddently discussing what type of tree they should start plant at their new home. They also expressed their worries on the contractors that they hired to repair some defects on their house but try to knock down everything else as well just to get a higher pay.

I feel sorry for them. And I feel mad at how bad this world can be with all those hypocrite that live only for money. why can't people live with more sincerity? why can't we be friends not just for benefit?

when I thanked them for the lunch the thing that they said really touched me..

" Don't thanks me, we should thanked you. Its not about the lunch its about the company"

I smile all the way. Making people happy is whats make me happy. They are nice peoples. and they have millions in their savings but they did not need that. what they really need is a loyal person that can work with them with sincerity. Not a cheating driver, not a contractor who came and renovate their house unnecessarily and charged double on everything and not a friend who came by just to do business. They need real friends and real company. they need family...and a cat!..

You might not know this but sometimes your simple presence is the only thing that someone really need at that time and the only thing you have to do is to be there!

So the next time someone ask for your company, Don't let them down. you might be the only person they have and the only person they hope for.

p/s: Be there for your love one. family, friends or anyone that need you..and be sincere. Nothing beats a piece of nice heart.

Love ya,

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