I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some kind of Valedictory speech

sebab best student dapat buat valedictory speech kite pun nak la jugak kan..cuma yg membezakannya adalah best student dapat present his speech during the convocation ceremony and saya just dapat type jela..haha.. here it goes...

after all those struggling years..this is the day that im waiting for. the day where all the hard work were paid for. a degree scroll !!! its like a pay cheque for the labours except you will only get it once and for all..and its not money!

One and a half year of foundations studies and four years of degree is impossible to be done and over with without some special force from some special people and of course the almighty Allah s.w.t.

special thanks goes to..

mak and abah,
I wouldn't be here if not because of both of you. I would probably left law school long time ago if not because of your moral support. Thanks for those hard work to convince me that this is the right place for me. Thanks for those motivational talk every single moment. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Thanks for comforting me whenever I had those stressful moment. Thanks so much from the deep of my heart for everything that I failed to mention here. Thank you for being such a great parents.

my kakak and two adik,
my world would probably turn upside down if you guys were not there. Thanks for being such a wonderful siblings cum bestfriends, for being the most loyal people and stand beside me through thick and thin (although you guys had no other choice but to be there as we are siblings..haha), for showing me that a failure is never a failure but just a second chance for us to keep going, for your understanding as I can be a little bit intolerable sometimes and for your honest comment that somehow grown me up. Thank you for being my kakak and my adik-adik (but we were more like happy friends living together..^^)

my bestest girlfriend ever,
siapalah saya di Aikol itu tanpa korang semua..haha. You guys are my bestfriends, roomates, classmates, mooting partners, groupmates assignments and everything that we can possibly be during the past 6 years..and counting! Thanks for become a shoulder for me to lean on, thanks for wiping my tears and listening to my sobbing, thanks for letting me cry randomly, thanks for keep supporting me throughout my failures and be there throughout my success, thanks for being my comrade to walk through this journey. congratulations,at last we all made it together. All our hard work were paid for!

my classmates,partners,seniors,juniors,girlfriends and boyfriends,
yeah..whomever you are im glad you all were once there to keep this life more interesting. my student's life would not be this interesting if none of you were there . seriously! we met we not understand why but we learn something more than money can buy and more than life can trade. Thank you for willing to be a part of my life story.

my lectures and tutors,
what can I say more. Obviously you guys are the most important people that brings me to where I am today. Despite my poor performance in class and my lack of participation in tutorials tapi anda semua tak pernah menolak kehadiran saya di iium.that im glad!

my supporting team,
ini termasuklah makcik kantin,abang photostat,kakak office,adik jaga kiosks,pakcik guard dan makcik guard dan semua yang terlibat menjaga keharmonian kehidupan saya sepanjang belajar disini. Tanpa korang kualiti hidup saya terjejas..hehe.much thanks!

my extra supporting team,
ini termasuk perkara2 yang berada di alam maya iaitu social media, google search, wikipedia, lexisnexis, lawnet, opac and ecetra yang tak pernah menghampakan saya sepanjang proses pembelajaran. (kena hantar thank you note nih..haha)

last but not least thank you to iium itself for accepting me to be a part of the team in this garden or knowledge and virtue.

I thank all of you with all my heart. Alhamdulillah and Thank you ^.^

p/s; ucapan yang agak poyo ini ikhlas datang dari sudut hati yang paling dalam..hehe.

sincerely from LLB(Hons)holder,

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