I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

Shaff-story..is a tale..a taste of me~shaff

Monday, November 4, 2013

One more year went by..

Salam maal hijrah,
Kepada diri ini dan seluruh alam.
Either you like it or not, pat your shoulder and praise yourself..'what a great year you had there'. You deserves some credit for still standing and not give up!
Semua orang ada kesusahan mereka sendiri and to not having any problems and difficulties is to not having life at all. So having at least one problem is like a prove that you are indeed living this life.
Jangan takut dengan masalah. Sebab setiap masalah itu datang dengan penyelesaian macam problematic questions in mathematics. You might not see the answer at first glance but you'll get the answer eventually when you try to solve it using the correct formula.
So the main point is that..you just have to know the right formula!
Kalau ada buku living life for the dummies confirm dah jadi bestseller dah kan..tapi the thing is, there is no real formula on how to live life sebab tak ada seorang pun yang sama kisah hidupnya. Kita ada cerita masing-masing dan cerita orang lain itu cuma boleh jadi pendorong untuk kita tahu yang yeah Im not alone.
Walau apa pun cerita anda, walau macam mana pun susahnya hidup anda satu benda yang pasti kena ingat..Allah turunkan ujian itu kerana Dia tahu hambanya itu mampu melaluinya. Allah gave the strongest battle to His strongest soldiers. Survived it and indeed you are a warrior and proud!!
Jadi sempena tahun baru ini, semoga anda menjadi lebih kuat dengan segala ujian yang lepas dan lebih matang dengan segala ujian yang bakal mendatang.
P/s: Ucapan skema ini ikhlas dari saya,
-the one who always try to win this battle-

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