I’m not saying being me is good..

I’m not saying living in my life is splendid..

But, what I’m gonna say is just have a taste a little bit of my life and tell me how it really is..

Hear my story..

Spill if you want and swallow if you like..

Shaff-story..is a tale..a taste of me~shaff

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The E-day!!


To my dearest cousin and childhood bff...this post is specially for you! (hehe..terharu tak??..)

First of all..of course i have to say congratulation!!! tahniah tahniah..you are now someone's fiancé =)

second of all..sorry sebab i was not there..

third of all..i will surely be there on the wedding day! promise!!

honestly, saya nak sangat attend the engagement ceremony awak but then masa saya sangat terhad. when it come to time it become the most reliable excuse. nasib baik gambar-gambar awak dah diupload bolehla saya tgk...hehe. you look so happy and so beautiful..seriously! the only missing thing in the picture is me!  maybe i should consider crop my picture and paste dekat tengah2 gambar awak tu kan..haha.

ingat tak zaman kita kecik-kecik dulu..kita selalu borak pasal all the girls stuff and kawen is always in the list. and kita siap promise lagi tak nak couple and nak bercinta selepas kawen..nampak sangat dari kecik dah terpengaruh dengan novel cinta tapi its not a bad thing pun kan.. and hari ini awak dah buktikan it really can happen accordingly.

hidup nie jauh lagi..and berkahwin tu cuma satu lagi permulaan untuk hidup. saya akan selalu doakan kebahagiaan awak..i'm not in a position to give you all the marriage advises sebab i'm not married myself but the only thing i can tell you is just please be happy and if there is any probs along the way just remember that i'm always here to help=)

and here is the pics!!! (seriously i should just crop my pic and paste it in there!)

it's a one beautiful day!!

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam bersabda:

خَيْرُ النِّكَاحِ أَيْسَرُهُ

“Sebaik-baik pernikahan adalah yang paling mudah.” (Hadis Riwayat Abu Daud, 6/13, no. 1808. Dinilai sahih oleh al-Albani)

(p/s: what do you want for your wedding gift??)


1 comment:

  1. Walaupun pos ni dh nk dkt 3 tahun, tetibe rse nk dtg jenguk sini...maybe sbb you finally married too and we are now officially belong to someone...still i miss our stories n dreams masa kecik2 dlu...

    anyway, barakallahulakuma wa jama'a bainakuma fil khair...

    I wish your happiness with your mr husband...

    any problem i'm always there to be contacted...

    your cousin n bff